The Emperor’s new Year Greeting: Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

The Emperor’s new Year Greeting: Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

The crowd flooded with the gates of the palace in an incredibly organized fashion. There was lots of area left as well as right, however people stayed on one side of the road as the queues snaked around the grounds. They were long lines, however they flowed smoothly. The only time we stopped was when we reached the two-step safety and security inspection zone, where officers carefully frisked as well as searched the bags of the visitors. when past it, we sashayed our method over the bridge across the moat toward the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial palace has got much more than its share of criticism. It’s a traveler trap, some claim. ប្រហែល។ however not when it’s the second of January.

The queue meanders across the site toward the palace.

On this day, the Emperor of Japan Akihito makes a unusual public appearance. It is one of the only two events when the ceremonial emperor provides a speech from the bullet-proof-glass-protected balcony of the Imperial palace as well as addresses the large crowd below. He is typically joined by the rest of the imperial family.

Just comply with the cartoon-ish signs!
The sun was severe however the chilly January wind made it tolerable.

Whoa! back of the pack. យល់ព្រម។
When I arrived, the central grounds were already packed. Locals as well as tourists alike had Japanese flags in their hand, awaiting the emperor. I was standing far from the balcony, as well as the sunlight was making it difficult for me to get a remove view. The reflection on the glass was overpowering the interior. I would have transferred to a much more beneficial spot, however the crowd had developed so thick behind me that it would be challenging to relocation around. before I understood it, waving Japanese flags produced a rolling sea of white as well as red before me.  The Emperor had arrived.

Acceding to the throne in 1989, Akihito is the 125th emperor of his line, “the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the world”. Although the function as well as power of the emperor has considerably diminished, he stays the symbolic head of specify and highest authority of the Shinto religion.

Japanese flags waved instantaneously when the Emperor appeared.
Emperor Akihito as well as Empress Michiko waved back at the crowd.
Next to Emperor Akihito was Empress Michiko. The speech was short, as well short. two minutes, if I’m not mistaken. Or if it was longer, it felt like two minutes. Soon, the guy next to me applauded at the top of his lungs, “Banzai!” everybody followed. The royal household waved as well as smiled at the crowd, as well as then gracefully went into the palace again. It was all over.

The getting out of it was really much tougher. people had to exit the site by batches, so waiting was inevitable.

Kikyo-mon was our exit Gate.
Finally out of the inner grounds. looking back at Kikyo-mon Gate.

The Imperial Palace

January 2nd is likewise one of the two times of the year that the inner grounds of the Imperial palace is available to the public. (The other date is December 23 for the Emperor’s birthday.) The east gardens is available to anybody for the rest of the year (except Mondays as well as Fridays).

The Imperial palace stays the official home of the Imperial Family. found at the site where Edo Castle utilized to stand, the Imperial palace sits at the center of a big park, scribbled with broad eco-friendly moats as well as colossal stone dykes. two bridges serve as the entrance to the inner section: the Maganebashi (Eyeglass Bridge) as well as Nijubashi (Double Bridge). close-by are a number of train stations, of which Otemachi station is the closest as well as Tokyo station the biggest.

Postcard ideal Maganebashi as well as Nijubashi bridges that serve as the entrance to the palace.
A statue immortalizing Kusunoki-Masashige, a 4th-century samurai who fought for Emperor Go-Daigo.
Calm view while waiting
Another structure inside the palace grounds.
The old Edo Castle was completed in 1888, about 20 years after the Tokugawa shogun was vanquished. The funding moved from Kyoto to Tokyo, as well as a new palace was developed as the seat of power only to be destroyed during world war II. The present structure is totally new, modeled after the old one.

Imperial Palace, Tokyo
Address: 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact Number:  +81 3-3213-1111

How to get to Imperial Palace: Take the train to Otemachi station (Exit D2),  Nijubashi-mae station (Exit 6), or Tokyo station (Marunouchi central Exit). It is a short walk away from here. On January 2 as well as December 23, when the Emperor makes an appearance, officials designate particular entrances as well as exits. Please inspect the official site to understand the nearest station to the assigned entry point.

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