Barbados to Puerto Rico – Our crazy Caribbean journey

Barbados to Puerto Rico – Our crazy Caribbean journey

Not all travel days run like clockwork. This is something we’ve discovered after 7 years of wandering around the world. as well as even though we were conscious that incidents can occur (and will), we weren’t gotten ready for our dreadful travel day from Barbados to Puerto Rico.

We shown up at the flight terminal great as well as early (we’re notoriously early for everything), as well as prepared to check-in to our LIAT flight.

We were those people at the check-in counter. The lineup was full of anxious travellers waiting to get their boarding passes as well as decrease off their heavy bags. We were holding up the line while rummaging around our packs, pulling out charging cords, books, laptops as well as trying to make the bit neon indication on the scale read: 15 pounds.

Once the weight problem was sorted, we were told that we owed $800 for our flight tickets – which obviously we hadn’t paid for.

A funny Acronym That LIAT has embraced From Its Passengers

We had our on the internet Visa statement proving that we had paid, as well as we likewise had e-tickets, so this made no sense whatsoever.

We were then told that we really didn’t have a seat on the plane, as well as that there were no flights to Puerto Rico for 2 days, potentially 3.


This wouldn’t work for us, as our flights were already booked to Istanbul from Puerto Rico.

Never had we ever experienced anything rather like this. When the very disrespectful as well as uninterested LIAT agent didn’t want to assist us, or describe anything to us, we contacted Expedia (who we booked through).

Expedia verified that yes, we had paid for the tickets as well as indeed we were on the flight.

The Expedia representative really contacted LIAT directly as well as sorted it all out for us!

After about 30 minutes, the supervisor appeared from the back room, made a few taps on the computer, as well as printed off our boarding passes – without stating anything, mind you. The only reason we understood what was going on was since we still had Expedia on the Skype call.

When we shown up at the gate, we were told the flight was delayed 2 hours.

Waiting for our flight to ultimately take off
At this point, we didn’t care, we were going to be leaving Barbados that night as well as we were just glad to be on the plane!

When we touched down in San Juan, Puerto Rico at midnight, we were excited to pick up our cars and truck that we had rented for 3 days, drive to our beachfront guesthouse as well as immediately pass out.

Unfortunately, no sleeping would be had up until 2:30am.

We’re lastly in the air!

The shuttle to pick us up as well as take us to the rental company close-by was to show up in “10 minutes after we land”. After waiting 30 minutes, we called a second time. “Yes, sir, he will be there in 10 minutes”. We waited, as well as waited.

Nick ended up calling the business about 6 times from other people’s phones, up until finally, they stopped answering our calls.

Our data on our SIM card from Barbados had run out after the second contact us to the rental agency.

After waiting on 2 hours at the airport, we made a decision to just take a taxi to our guesthouse, which defeated the function of having a rental car, as the expense of 1 day in the cars and truck is similar to a taxi.

We were likewise hesitant to leave since we believed we would be charged a cancellation charge for the car.

We were booked in to stay at the Numero 1 Guesthouse, as well as luckily, we had no problems keeping that part of our travel day. We were greeted by the welcoming night personnel as well as were shown to our room. Thankfully, our colourful lodging was cooled in anticipation of our arrival – Puerto Rico was much a lot more damp than Barbados!

Our space at the Numero 1 Guesthouse, liked working from the balcony ?
We were both exhausted, frustrated as well as in all honesty, bummed out. This was the begin of our interesting 5 month trip, however so far, the very first leg of the experience had been a mess.

The complying with morning, we were able to believe a lot more clearly.

We contacted Expedia once again as well as explained our cars and truck rental situation. We absolutely must have booked with a reputable rental business like Alamo, rather than the random one we were having to offer with.

Just like the day before, Expedia dealt with the problem as well as made sure our credit score card was not charged any type of thing at all.

Once that was finalized, we were complimentary to get on with our time on the island.

We made our method downstairs for our complementary breakfast as well as were in awe of the view. since we had shown up so late, we weren’t able to see the setting of the guesthouse, however in the light of day, it was before us in all of its glory!


A gorgeous, long stretch of golden sand was actually ideal outside the guesthouse doors. In fact, we ate our breakfast on tables propped up on the beach, with the sand between our toes.

Not a poor view for breakfast!

We were up early sufficient to take pleasure in the peace as well as tranquility of the beach before the crowds arrived, which was precisely what we needed.

Ah, tranquility!

Our time in Puerto Rico was short, however extremely sweet. We weren’t sure precisely what to expect from this American-Caribbean Island, however our impressions during our quick trip there were all extremely positive.

The charming ocean Park Beach
The diverse atoll uses sand dunes, rainforest, beaches, salt flats as well as mountains. had we a lot more time, we would have explored further.


The food is a delightful blend of African as well as Spanish influences, as well as we took pleasure in flavourful meals at the regional restaurants. Mofongo was our much-loved dish, as well as the fresh seafood meals on the beach were tasty as well.

Chicken mofongo

An unforgettable ahi tuna meal at Pamela’s Restaurant, which is connected to Numero 1 Guesthouse
The Old town of San Juan

The old colonial town of San Juan is a must-see. The glossy blue cobblestone streets were very unique as well as the El Morro Fort dominating the entrance to the San Juan Harbour is absolutely worth a visit.

Views over the Atlantic ocean from the El Morro Fort
We wandered around for hours gazing up at the bit balconies connected to colourful buildings as well as took pleasure in the liveliness of the town.

The blue cobblestone streets were so cool!
El Yunque Rainforest

Even though we weren’t really able to hike at the El Yunque Rainforest as planned, from what we’ve heard, as well as from the views we had on the drive up there (and from the drone!), this is a magical area.

If you’re thinking about waterfalls as well as hiking, this is the location to go – although be warned, it can be extremely hectic in the high season.

A bird’s eye view of El Yunque Rainforest

We’re ecstatic to be returning to this island once again in June. This is a location that we feel should have a lot more time. The latin music as well as culture mixed with the sluggish rhythm of the Caribbean was an intoxicating blend that made us desire we didn’t have to leave so soon.


Travel is always a bit of a gamble. Some days, whatever runs smoothly as well as easily, while others, you desire you might just head back to bed as well as have a do-over. For us, often it seems as though when it rains, it pours.

But no matter exactly how dreadful a travel day may be, as well as no matter exactly how lots of hiccups develop along the way, we always try to keep in mind to be patient, keep our great as well as figure out a option to the problem. It’s all part of the life of a traveller.

When we show up in a location as lovely as Puerto Rico, we are reminded of just exactly how lucky we are to be able to experience these places. travel has its ups as well as downs, however that what makes it such a fun adventure.

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? We’re heading back there in 5 months as well as we’ve already had so lots of excellent suggestions from visitors so please, leave a comment as well as tell us what we must see as well as do when we return!

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